EpiCentre Entertainment & Retail Complex

Nearly a decade has passed since the people of Charlotte agreed upon a blueprint of what the downtown area of Charlotte could look like if guided to its best self. Since 1966 Charlotte has produced downtown master plans every decade. Given the unparalleled growth of the city (over 14% growth during the 00-06 years alone), the Center City 2010 Vision Plan was by far the most pivotal plan to date. Collectively approved of and supported by the City Council, County Commissioners and the public at large, the Center City 2010 Vision Plan was indeed a homerun by all accounts.

As we again embark upon a new plan with new goals we review one of the many milestones that now make our downtown area great place to Live, Work, Shop and Play.

Epicentre rendering

Epicentre rendering

Many long term residents will remember the where the city’s old convention center stood; yet another big box blight to downtown Charlotte. Enter The EpiCentre: a $275 million mixed-use complex including offices, clothing stores, night clubs, dining, coffee shops, condos, a hotel, a bowling alley and even a movie theater.  Centrally located in the heart of downtown Charlotte, The Epicentre truly boasts something for everyone, underlining again the theme of Live, Work, Shop and Play.

Epicentre upon opening

Epicentre upon opening, photo: James Willamor

Though The Epicentre has a glamorous ‘big city’ look it offers various price points to ensure every resident and visitor can drop by and feel at home. CATS Lynx line as well as their bus routes run parallel through the complex giving it open accessibility to all. No doubt Queen Charlotte would be proud.

Inside Mez

Inside Mez

With $750,000 pledged by the Charlotte Center City Partners, the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to ensure the new 2020 master plan is every bit as successful as the previous one, the new study will look at more than Uptown by focusing on connecting adjacent neighborhoods and breaking down the I-277 barrier.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Monique Saunders on October 21, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    It is awesome to watch the growth of our city, and even more interesting to see where we are going.


  2. Great article! Nice to see something encouraging in these hard economic times. Hopefully Charlotte will continue to flourish.


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