Metropolitan Midtown redevelopment and greenway

Metropolitan from the air

One of the major goals for the Center City 2010 Vision Plan was a redesign of intersections around Stonewall and Charlottetown, redevelopment of the old Midtown property, and extension of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway along Kings Drive. Today, that vision has nearly reached completion.

Originally an indoor mall, Midtown Mall had fallen into decline since its opening in the 1950’s. The project to redevelop the site was a joint venture between the county, the city, and developers.

Metropolitan shops along the greenway

Metropolitan shops along the greenway

Metropolitan Midtown is now home to Trader Joe’s, Target, Marshalls, Staples, Best Buy, West Elm, and others. As a mixed-use development, the site also has condominiums and offices.

The intersection at Stonewall, Kenilworth, and Charlottetown has been redesigned for better traffic flow. Bike lanes have been added to this stretch of Charlottetowne, and sidewalks and bus shelters have been improved.

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

For years, the majority of Little Sugar Creek between Charlottetowne and Morehead  was capped with concrete. It was treated as nothing more than a forgotten drainage ditch. The 2010 plan sought to reclaim and restore this stretch of creek, and build an adjacent greenway connecting this new section to the existing greenway that runs from Morehead, to Freedom Park, to Woodlawn near Park Road Shopping Center.

Greenway development

Greenway development

This section of greenway is planned to open in the coming months. Future plans will expand the greenway and connect the existing sections, making it fifteen miles long from the South Carolina border to Cordelia Park in NoDa.

All photos by James Willamor. View these and more on Flickr.

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